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Our Music Library has grown to over 450 works. Type in your criteria to find listings by title, composer, arranger or any of the options listed below.

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TitleComposerArrangerVoiceThemeMore Info
A Holly Jolly ChristmasJohnny MarksGreg GilpinSATBChristmas - SecularA Holly Jolly Christmas
A La Nanita NanaTraditional SpanishRoger FolstromSATBChristmas - SacredA La Nanita Nana
ABCMicelles, Perrin, Richards, GordyRoger EmersonSATBABC
Adoramus Te ChristeWilhouskySATBAdoramus Te Christe
Adoration of the MagiMiklos RozsaWilsonSATBChristmas - SacredAdoration of the Magi
AfricaDavid Paich & Jeff PorcaroPhilip LawsonSATTBBAfrica
African CelebrationAfrican FolksongsHatfieldSATBSacredAfrican Celebration
Ah, Bleak and Chill the Wintry Wind -Alfred Burt Carols, Set 1Burt/BurtBurtSATBChristmas - SacredAh, Bleak and Chill the Wintry Wind -Alfred Burt Carols, Set 1
Ain't a that Good NewsW. DawsonW. DawsonSATBSacredAin’t a that Good News
Al Shlosha D'varimAllan E. NaplanSATBAl Shlosha D’varim
Alexander's Ragtime BandIrving BerlinPhilip KernSATBSecularAlexander’s Ragtime Band
All on a Christmas Morning - Alfred Burt Carols, Set 1Burt/BurtBurtSATBChristmas - SacredAll on a Christmas Morning – Alfred Burt Carols, Set 1
Amahl & the Night VisitorsMenottiMenottiSATBChristmas - SacredAmahl & the Night Visitors
An Apostrophe to the Heavenly HostWilanWilanSATBSacredAn Apostrophe to the Heavenly Host
And Didst Thou Love the RaceBrownUNISONAnd Didst Thou Love the Race
Angels We Have HeardWagnerSATBChristmas - SacredAngels We Have Heard
Anvil Chorus not available for rentingVerdiSATBSecularAnvil Chorus not available for renting
April is in my Mistress FaceThomas MorleyChurchillSATBSecularApril is in my Mistress Face

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